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Meet Coco: A Classic With Plenty of Panache

Remember the swinging, hipster flair of the 70s, the flowing bell bottoms, platform shoes and feathered hair? Around that same time, home décor had a moment with paneled walls, macramé – owls with wooden bead eyes, anyone? – and shag carpeting in eye-watering hues like lime green and acid orange.

While you won’t find any shag carpeting in our office, we enjoy taking the best of design as inspiration for our products. So we created a toilet seat unafraid to befriend another 70s-inspired décor trend you may have forgotten: The fuzzy toilet seat cover.

Like wall-to-wall carpeting, fuzzy toilet seat covers were everywhere in the 70s! Sherbet pink. Electric blue. And in a design twist that took shag carpeting by the hand and brought it into the bathroom, fuzzy covers in acid orange.

We see you nodding your head and smiling, which is exactly how we felt when we created the toilet seat mentioned earlier, the one on friendly terms with fuzzy seat covers.

Meet the Cover Companion

Or as we like to call her, Coco.

Hearkening back to the mod energy of the 70s, Coco is a toilet seat that features a pocket-style hinge that provides space for a perfectly fitting toilet seat cover that never bunches. (Unlike some bell bottoms we used to wear…)

Coco has many of the innovative features you’ve come to expect on our toilet seats:

  • STA-TITE® Seat Fastening System™ – the hinge system that installs easily and Never Loosens™.
  • Easy•Clean & Change® hinge lets you remove the seat for thorough cleaning.
  • Durable enameled wood with superior high-gloss finish resists chipping and scratching. 

We’ll be up-front here – Coco is just the toilet seat, so it’s up to you to buy the cover, fuzzy or otherwise, because we wouldn’t dream of denying you the excitement of finding the right one.

While some trends have changed – macramé owls have flown off, replaced by watercolors – others, like the fuzzy seat cover, have stayed the course. You’ll find modern versions in bright colors, quiet pastels, and sculpted designs. Shag, plush, and close-cropped. Patterns and themes.

And in a surprising twist, we even noticed fuzzy toilet seat covers with cat paws marching across the top. Charming!

How can Coco and a toilet seat cover add flair to your bathroom?

We love these ideas:

  • Build on the mid-century modern aesthetic by incorporating Venetian Pink, Raspberry or Avocado paint or towels into your décor. Pair Coco with a matching toilet seat cover to seal the deal.
  • Go bold. Are your walls white? Try Coco with a black toilet seat cover for drama. Love bright towels? Balance them with Coco and a white toilet seat cover.
  • Blend softly. Is your bathroom a neutral getaway? Thanks to Coco’s pocket-style hinge, you can switch toilet seat covers to continue the mood. Think grey, fawn and shell tones.
  • Fuzz out! Add several inexpensive fuzzy rugs and a matching fuzzy toilet seat cover. Go with playful colors in a child’s bathroom and contemporary ones in the guest bathroom.

Designed so your toilet seat cover fits perfectly and never bunches, Coco allows you to express your personality and build a design theme. And who knows - maybe Coco will also inspire you to pull out your bell bottoms and relive your hipster past. We’d like to think we had a small part in making that happen, but fair warning: If you attempt to walk around in platform shoes, we can’t be responsible for the results.

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