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Be Seated by Bemis

Chances are, by the time the slow-close cover on your toilet seat has gently lowered, your attention has turned to other things. Ours hasn’t.

Since 1932, when we made our first toilet seat, we’ve been improving our customers’ lives by creating seats engineered with innovative features and thoughtful craftsmanship. 

Our seats have features that simplify your life, while providing stability and comfort. Installation is streamlined, with adjustability that gives you the perfect fit, every time. Hinges that allow the seat to be easily removed for cleaning, improving hygiene. Some models feature slow-close options that give you nights of slam-free, sweet dreams sleep.

Here you’ll find inspiration, design options, and information to help you find the best seat for your needs. We’ve been manufacturers for more than 100 years, so you can rely on our expertise and knowledge.

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Our Bathroom Products

Bemis Bathroom Products are found across the globe in retail and wholesale markets. From beautiful enameled wood seats, with superior strength and a substantial feel in a variety of design and hinge finishes, to stylish plastic seats that complement your décor in a range of colors, our dedication to innovation is unmistakable in each seat we make.

Our Innovations

We are driven by our mission of creating innovations for everyday life. Our manufacturing expertise is evident: from our pioneering co-injection process that seamlessly incorporates regrind into the seat, to our enameled wood models, all of which are made from 100% recycled wood sources. We are committed to delivering innovative products – made with sustainable processes – that improve our customers’ lives and respect our environment.

Made In USA

Our seats are proudly designed and assembled in the USA.

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About Us

Bemis Manufacturing Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats, committed to innovation as we deliver new products to market. This commitment has made us a leader in providing plastic products for a wide range of industry applications. Our corporate culture is centered on environmental stewardship; to honor this, our products are made with eco-friendly materials and processes. Now in our fourth generation of family leadership, Bemis is proud to be American-owned since 1901.